Get the Facts

As Lt. Governor, Brad Little made jobs and the economy his top priority. Since then, Idaho has added over 100,000 jobs and increased wages for Idahoans by 23%. (Idaho Department of Labor and US Department of Commerce)

Every year Brad has been Lt. Governor he has cut his own budget, saving tax-payers money. (Idaho Department of Financial Management)

In 2006, Brad successfully fought to cut Idahoan’s Property Tax by $260 million. This is the largest tax-cut in Idaho history. (2006 Special Session – House Bill 1)

Brad signed the Idaho Licensing Freedom Act. This Act will remove red tape and create efficiencies for Idahoans starting a small business.

The media has reported many of the attacks against Brad Little were “not true” – “To spread a prevarication every four seconds must be some kind of a record, even for political advertising.” – Lewiston Tribune, 4/18/2018

“Brad Little is a true conservative who is incredibly responsible with taxpayer money. As JFAC co-chair, I listened time and time again as Brad stated that his office budget and his salary were fine. It is the legislature that sets the budgets and salaries for constitutional officers, not Lt. Governor Little.” – Idaho Senator Shawn Keough

Brad Little has a proven record on Pro-Life. As State Senator, Brad consistently voted to protect the unborn and protect family values in the Idaho Legislature.

Brad Little voted for the language in the Idaho Constitution that defines marriage as between one man and one women (2006 – House Joint Resolution 2)

Brad fought to protect the Idaho Constitution when Idaho was being forced to comply with the federal government.

“Brad Little is a strong conservative. He fought by my side to protect traditional Marriage. He is someone we can trust to protect Idaho values.” – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter

Brad is a lifetime member of the NRA.

Brad has hunted his entire life and believes in passing that tradition down to the next generation.

Brad was a supporter of “permitless/constitutional” carry (2016 – Senate Bill 1389):

“Your NRA-ILA would like to thank Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, Lt. Governor Brad Little, state Senator Curt McKenzie, Majority Leader Mike Moyle, state Representative Tom Loertscher and state Representative Judy Boyle for their efforts and advocacy in the Idaho State Capitol supporting your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” – NRA-ILA

As rancher, Brad sued the Clinton Administration on their top-down federal roadless rule and won. Idaho is now one of only two states that has its own, state-written roadless plan, not leaving it in the hands of the federal government.

Brad is co-owner of an Idaho based small manufacturing business. It is one of the only companies of its kind in the US.

Brad has worked on the same ranch since he could walk. Ranching has been in his family for generations. As a State Senator and Lt. Governor, Brad never stopped working on the ranch.