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Keeping Our Children in Idaho

As a 3rd generation Idahoan, and proud parent of two sons and grandparents of five grandchildren, Teresa and I want nothing more than keeping our family close. My vision for Idaho is that we keep our children right here in Idaho by creating great jobs and providing the best place to raise a family. It’s the people of Idaho that make our state the best in country, and keeping generations of Idaho families together is the foundation in continuing our successes and maintaining Idaho family values.

Better Jobs, Stronger Economy:

The Idaho economy is running at an incredible rate, with low unemployment and wage growth continuing to climb. We have incredible opportunities ahead us. Our diverse and dynamic economy demands a highly trained workforce and a responsive education system.

Low-cost Healthcare:

Obamacare regulations have made Idahoans’ healthcare costs soar beyond all reason. Idahoans need more control over our healthcare along with fewer federal mandates, and I will pledge to every Idahoan that I will fight to control and lower healthcare costs in Idaho.


Taxes need to be fair, simple, competitive and predictable. As Governor, I will look for ways to lower the tax burden on Idahoans so that economic prosperity can continue in every community across Idaho. We need the lightest possible hand of government in the day to day lives of our citizens and businesses.

2nd Amendment:

As a lifetime member of the NRA, I am a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment in Idaho is a sacred trust guaranteed by our Constitution— a fundamental and irrevocable right. Not only are guns vital to our way of life, they are important to our economy.


I oppose the federalization of our education system.  I support local and parental control of our public schools. Parents and teachers play an integral role in ensuring our children are getting the most out of the classroom.


I believe that marriage is the union between a man and woman.


I am Pro-Life.