Brad Little Jobs Plan

Brad Little’s Idaho Grown Jobs Plan-Phase 3:

Conservative Budgets

  • No Slush Fund policy.
    • Set strict guidelines on usage of rainy day funds. These funds are emergency funds and are not to be used as a government piggy bank.
  • Consolidate rainy day funds into fewer accounts.
    • Transparency in rainy day accounts is paramount to me and the people of Idaho. With fewer accounts, tax-payers will be able to track with ease how that money is being spent.
  • In years of state revenue growth, update transfer mechanisms to increase the amount from the general fund and end-of-year surpluses being dedicated to rainy day funds.
    • This will ensure we are prepared for any situation, do not grow the size of state government faster than our economy, and are not increasing the tax burden on Idahoans.

Strengthen Agriculture

  • Expand agricultural education programs in Idaho’s K-12 system, colleges, and carrier-technical institutions.
    • A continued investment in technology and agriculture will ensure that our children and grandchildren are getting the proper skills needed to grow our workforce and ensure good paying jobs are available in Idaho’s rural communities.
  • Maintain momentum in expanding global markets for Idaho agricultural products.
  • Aggressively attract and retain businesses that add value to our agriculture products.
  • Continued investment in aquifer recharge.
    • Water is the life blood of Idaho’s economy and it’s a resource that, without proper management, will become a diminishing one.

Keep Energy Costs Low

  • Support additional storage of water for power generation and future economic growth.
  • Support safe and clean advancements in nuclear energy and other sources of energy research at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), particularly on subjects like small modular reactors (SMRs).

Brad Little’s Idaho Grown Jobs Plan-Phase 2:

Less Government Spending and Tax Cuts

  • Cut income tax for Idahoans by $350 million.
    • Each year Idaho has a surplus, we need to give that money back to the people who have generated it.  This multi-year approach will allow us to thoughtfully lower the burden for all Idahoans, while not disrupting advances in education.
  • Eliminate the grocery tax once and for all.
  • Mandate all new tax exemptions must be linked to a proportional reduction in state spending.
  • Cut unemployment tax. Currently, Idaho businesses are over-paying this tax.
    • As Governor, I will cut this tax to save Idaho businesses over $100 million over three years.
  • Increase the personal property tax exemption to $250,000.My proposal would eliminate this unfair tax on many businesses— mostly small businesses.
  • Give counties the authority to fully or partially remove Personal Property Tax.

Brad Little’s Idaho Grown Jobs Plan-Phase 1:

Keep our Children in Idaho

It has become too common for our youngest generation to be raised and educated in Idaho, but move away for better jobs outside the state. We need to continue to foster an economy that keeps our young people contributing to their own community. Creating a new generation of qualified and well-educated young people who are ready to compete in the workforce will make Idaho stronger and more competitive in attracting new industries and jobs for decades. This investment starts in our schools at K-12, colleges and universities, as well as trade and vocational training.

  • In the 21st Century with our global economy, we must tear down the rural/urban divide in Idaho.  Every Idaho student should have access to opportunities via technology, particularly when school districts cannot provide certain elective courses, advanced classes and dual credit classes.
  • As Governor, I will partner with key Idaho industries that need talent— technology, construction, advanced manufacturing, agriculture— to attract Idahoans to stay or return home.
  • With home values soaring, it has made it difficult for first-time home buyers and our youth are being forced to rent. As Governor, I will champion implementation of the First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account in which young families will be able to set aside part of their income pre-tax to help make a down payment on a home. Much like Health Savings Accounts help families manage their healthcare expenses, this will allow young families the opportunity to save up and make a down payment on their first home.

  • As Governor, protecting and promoting our way of life will be my priority. For generations Idahoans have made Idaho a place where we can live, work and raise a family. Idaho strong family values beckon our young folks back to Idaho.


Lower the Cost of Health Care

Idaho has some of the lowest healthcare costs in the nation. With the complicated healthcare environment that we operate in today, this makes our state a very attractive market for both job seekers and job creators. It is vital that we remain competitive in this sector to continue to spur new economic growth. Idahoans and business have been burdened with federal policies that have exponentially increased costs to everyone. Ripping back control from the feds is pivotal in addressing the rising cost of premiums.

  • With or without federal certainty, Idaho will build our own framework for lower health care costs for each and every Idahoan.
  • Strip down Obamacare regulations so consumers can buy different, tailored plans that are 30-60% less expensive than Obamacare plans— lowering the cost of health care for individuals and families.
  • In order to lower future premiums, rebuild Idaho’s well-functioning high-risk reinsurance fund pool, which mitigates costs of high risk individuals.
  • Maintain and enhance Idaho’s state-based exchange without federal interference.
  • As it did in the past, Idaho should address pre-existing condition reform that protects this group and does not raise insurance rates.
  • Build incentives for Idaho Health Savings Accounts for individuals and families— for both employer-based insurance plans and plans on the state exchange.

Give Business the Freedom to Grow the Economy

As a rancher and small business owner, I understand all too well how government can be the main obstacle to new opportunity. We need a government that enables the free market to bring jobs and prosperity to our state. That means eliminating burdensome taxes and regulations that stifle economic and jobs growth. Unlike the federal government, Idaho has a model that fosters growth, not punishing entrepreneurs who are making Idaho one of the best places to live. But in order for us to stay competitive, we need to be vigilant.

  • Mandate each agency, department, board, commission, and other executive body to conduct a review of every regulation in the Idaho Administrative Code.
  • Require all agencies to submit a business/competitiveness impact statement along with any newly proposed regulations, which will assess the disruptive economic impacts on individuals and small businesses— just as all legislation must have a fiscal impact statement.
  • Before implementing another rule or regulation, require executive branch agencies to simplify or eliminate an existing regulation, or state clearly why they cannot simplify or eliminate it.
  • Follow up the “Licensing Freedom Act” with proposed legislation that creates a “sunrise review process” that requires those who want to create a new governing body to justify its creation with a cost-benefit analysis and reasons for creating it.

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