BOISE, Idaho – One of the state’s most trusted and respected constitutional officers, former Secretary of State, Ben Ysursa, has announced that he will be voting for Lieutenant Governor Brad Little to be Idaho’s next governor. Ysursa served Idaho as deputy Secretary of State under beloved Pete Cenarrusa, before being elected to that office.

“In 40 years of managing elections in Idaho, I noticed a few characteristics that the best candidates – and leaders – have in common. They talk less and do more. They under promise and over deliver. They are collaborative. They take the long view even when it’s unpopular in the here-and-now. And they know that in a state as close-knit as Idaho, today’s opponent could be tomorrow’s ally – so they don’t burn bridges. Brad Little embodies those qualities in this year’s Republican primary race for Governor. I will be voting for him and I hope you do too,” said Ysursa.

Ysursa knows Little and his conservative views on stronger families, a protector of Idaho’s water, rural lifestyle and public lands. Like Ysursa, Little has a healthy skepticism about the federal government. And as Ysursa stated, “let’s not forget they must be willing to put their ego and personal agendas on the shelf to make tough choices for the common good.”

“Ben is a true statesman and fighter for fairness in Idaho. I value his endorsement and I am grateful to have worked with such an honorable man. Ben knows not just me, but my family, and he knows how much I believe in strong family values. I will fight to ensure that Idaho families are able to grow financially and not have to worry about putting food on the table. I will ensure that children who want to stay in Idaho can, because there are jobs of all skill levels with continuously increasing wages,” said Little.