BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Cattle Association (ICA) is asking you to join in its efforts to help ensure Brad Little becomes Idaho’s next governor. A strong agricultural industry is crucial to Idaho’s ability to succeed and grow and Little is a rancher who understands Idaho agriculture and the challenges that come with living off the land. The ICA believes in Little’s vision to continue to grow Idaho, while ensuring that the rural areas, which encompass most of the Gem State, are not forgotten. ICA members know he will continue to work to grow agriculture and he understands that modernization is vital through expansion of projects that add value to our agricultural commodities in Idaho like the new cattle processing plant in southwestern Idaho.

“Great leadership is vital, and the Idaho Cattle Association can speak with authority in knowing that Brad Little is the governor we need in this state. He not only understands our needs as an industry, but he knows and understands this state better than most. Brad is always looking for ways to turn our agricultural commodities into thriving businesses and it is critical that we put someone who office who cares about our rural and urban areas. We believe that no matter if you want to live in Owyhee County or Oneida County, you get that opportunity and we have seen Brad work hard to ensure that happens,” said Tucker Shaw, ICA president.

Little knows that we must work with the Trump Administration to open and expand international markets for our products. The U.S. Meat Export Federation has done great work for the beef industry, and Little will continue to lead successful trade missions with the Idaho Department of Agriculture to open cattle markets around the world.

“I will work with the ICA, other livestock states and affected industry groups to roll back federal interference and find solutions to our common challenges. It wasn’t long ago that I visited the Owyhee range, and saw the positive outcomes from active management and stakeholder collaboration, not edicts from Washington, D.C. One proposal that is under consideration is the Outcome Based Grazing Authorizations, which will allow permit holders more flexibility when making grazing decisions, and ties allotments to conservation and economic goals. This proposal was developed when I served on the Public Lands Council more than 20 years ago. I will also expand the Rangeland Fire Protection Association (RFPAs) so ranchers can do what we have historically done— put out fires before they become uncontrollable,” said Little.

ICA is made up of more than 1,000 members and represents more than 6,000 cattle producing families caring for almost 2 million head of cattle across the state.