BOISE, Idaho – No other candidate understands the mismanagement of our federal lands. No other candidate values the importance of the Good Neighbor Authority. No other candidate, in conjunction with the timber industry and outdoor recreationalists, has sued the federal government, specifically the Clinton Administration, on their overreach to close access to roadless lands – and won – other than Lieutenant Governor Brad Little. These are just a few of the reasons that the Idaho Loggers PAC, an affiliate of Associated Logging Contractors (ALC) which is an Idaho organization, is backing Little for Governor.

“Brad Little doesn’t have to learn about our business, he gets it and he wants the timber industry to succeed. We don’t have time for outsiders to learn what we do. We are making great strides to ensure that we can grow our businesses, while maintaining healthy forests,” said Rich Nordstrom, Chairman of the Idaho Loggers PAC. “Our logging and hauling companies utilize modern and technologically advanced equipment and our workforce is skilled. Brad also believes in our efforts to expand our workforce, so we can keep up with the demands of today’s timber industry.”

Idaho is looking for a leader who will not require on the job training about the issues of private and public lands. As a life-long rancher, Little watched how his livestock allotments in the timber lands burnt because of improper federal management. He is fighting to ensure that changes are made, and our loggers once again become the front line for initial attack in forest fire suppression. As Governor, Little will work with the ALC to preserve jobs and increase incomes, grow more vibrant fire resilient forests that create much better wildlife habitat and a more self-sufficient United States Forest Service (USFS) that uses less tax payer dollars while ensuring that the USFS and loggers can go back to the days when they were able to work more productively and together.

“I am from a mill town and I watched how Emmett suffered when the mill was closed, and our logging and trucking contractors were put out of work. Our timber mills and logging and trucking contractors are critical to the vibrancy of many Idaho towns and I am determined to watch them grow. I will continue to fight the feds because right now we are over-regulated and under-managed. I will work diligently to ensure that a plan is put in place so those who work the land, can act quickly,” said Little.

The ALC was formed in 1966 by loggers and log truckers and represents 460 independent logging and wood products hauling contractor businesses, covering the entire state of Idaho.