BOISE, Idaho – Senator Jim Risch has been vocal about his support for Lt. Governor Brad Little and today he officially endorses Little to be Idaho’s next governor. Recently Lt. Governor Little and Senator Risch met with senior White House officials and Administrator Verma in Risch’s DC office to demonstrate how Idaho’s Executive Order will lead our nation away from the abysmal failure of Obamacare.

Risch and Little have worked together over the years, including in 2006 when then, Governor Risch and then Senator Little, worked together to pass the largest property tax cut in the state’s history, to the amount of $260 million dollars. Today, they are fighting Washington DC together and working to end Obamacare with the Idaho executive order that calls for allowing affordable healthcare plans to be sold off the exchange.

“Brad Little has the experience and qualifications needed to be Idaho’s next Governor. His background as a rancher, small businessman, as well as his time serving in the State Senate and as Lt. Governor, puts him head and shoulders above others in the field. Vicki and I are happy to be part of his campaign team,” Risch.

“Senator Jim Risch is a very well-respected leader and I am honored to have his support. We have worked closely before on important legislation and we both put the people of Idaho first in our decision making and leading. I look forward to having a leader in DC that I can reach out to at any time and work with on important issues that threaten our value and Idaho way of life,” said Little.