NAMPA, Idaho – As Lt. Governor, Brad Little is helping Idaho lead the nation in growing incomes, jobs and economic opportunity. The Emmett rancher and Republican candidate for Governor also knows how to make the Gem State’s economy even stronger.

At NEMO Arms in Nampa, Lt. Governor Little presented Phase 2 of his Idaho Grown Jobs Plan, including specific details for cutting taxes and reducing government spending. 

“Perfect example. NEMO Arms expanded from Montana last year to produce state-of-the-art weapons for customers around the world. They know that here in Idaho we put a premium on keeping taxes low and government small,” Little said. “I am proud that many gun and munitions companies have made Idaho home. They are building on our strong manufacturing base, appreciate the strong work ethic of our people and value our broad and deep support for the Second Amendment.”

The conservative Republican leadership of this state did a great job eliminating waste and balancing the budget during the economic downturn and continues to look for ways to save tax-payer money every year. This conservative budgeting has led to continued surpluses. As part of the Idaho Grown Jobs Plan, Lt. Governor Little will keep investing in his priorities like education, while letting Idahoans keep more of their hard-earned money.

“By cutting Idaho’s income tax by $350 million, we can ensure that Idahoans keep more of their hard-earned money. As your Governor, I will take a comprehensive approach to taxes, including eliminating the sales tax on groceries once and for all, cutting unemployment taxes for our job creators, and raising the personal property tax exemption to $250,000,” Lt. Governor Little said. “Anyone can talk about cutting taxes and government down to size; I have a proven record of cutting taxes, and I’m committed to building a tax system for Idaho that’s fair, simple, predictable and competitive.”

More details on Phases 1 and 2 of Brad Little’s Idaho Grown Jobs Plan can be found at, or the accompanying video on the Brad Little for Idaho Facebook page.

Details for Phase 3 will be released in the coming weeks.

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