BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Medical Association (IMA) has officially endorsed Brad Little to be Idaho’s next Governor. IMA physician-leaders have the confidence that Brad Little’s knowledge and experience of Idaho healthcare policy makes him the right choice to lead the state.

“We appreciate Brad’s open-door policy. He listens and solicits input from all stakeholders. He truly understands the issues and knows which solutions will work and which ones will not work; Brad doesn’t get hung up on ideology. We appreciate that he knows how to navigate change within our existing state and federal framework,” said Ronald Cornwell, MD, IMA Past President and PAC Chair. “Brad is opposed to top- down government mandates on physician practices. And as a small business man, he understands that private doctor’s offices are also small businesses that are vulnerable to government burdens.”

The IMA specifically cited Little’s efforts to lowering health care costs for all Idahoans, working to find solutions to help uninsured Idahoans and at the same time bring down costs for those who are already insured and are paying out of pocket.

“This is an important endorsement. Healthcare is a very important issue for the future prosperity of Idaho. Throughout this campaign, solutions have been debated about delivering affordable and accessible healthcare to all Idahoans. Doctors are on the front lines providing healthcare and they know what solutions will work,” said Little. “This a monumental endorsement for a rancher from Emmett. This provides clarity in who is best to lead on healthcare as Governor of Idaho.”

IMA represents 3,500 physicians, residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and medical students – from 181 medical and surgical specialties around Idaho.