Idaho governor: suspension of vaccine mandate for private employers ‘welcome news’

Dec 10, 2021

Gov. Brad Little and state Board of Education President Kurt Liebich today both hailed a court ruling in Georgia in a multistate lawsuit in which Idaho was a party, which halts the Biden Administration’s proposed vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

U.S. District  Judge R. Stan Baker wrote in his 28-page decision that the administration is enjoined from enforcing the mandate “for federal contractors and subcontractors in all covered contracts in any state or territory of the United States of America.”

Here is Little’s full statement:

“Yet another one of President Biden’s vaccine mandates have been temporarily shut down because the states – including Idaho – took a stand against his unprecedented government overreach into Americans’ lives and businesses. Idaho is party to three lawsuits challenging this assault on Americans’ freedom by their federal government – the federal contractor vaccine mandate, the OSHA vaccine mandate on private business, and the CMS vaccine mandate on healthcare workers. All three mandates are now completely stalled. We will continue to press forward in our fight against the federal government’s bad policies.”

Read the full statement from Idaho Press here.